Support The Foundation

Support the Foundation

To bring this vision to life, we are launching our first ever capital campaign. This is an industry-wide effort to raise funds in support of talent development. Together, we hope to raise $3,000,000 to attract, develop and engage talent through Program Development, Research and Partnerships, and Marketing, Communication and stakeholder support.

The future of our profession depends upon the acquisition and retention of both on and above-property top talent who are highly skilled in the discipline of sales, marketing and revenue management. To build the talent and leadership pipeline, we will create measurable objectives and ensure deliverables.

But to do this, the HSMAI Foundation needs your help. Today! Your financial and programmatic support will ensure that we meet the needs of the entire hospitality sales, marketing and revenue management industry.

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The Campaign For HSMAI Foundation Brochure

Learn about the campaign to support the new mission of the HSMAI Foundation: To elevate the overall caliber and performance of sales, marketing and revenue management professionals in the global hospitality industry by driving initiatives that will attract new talent, develop emerging talent, and engage existing talent.